What is Engaged Encounter?
How much does the weekend cost?
Who is Engaged Encounter for?
What happens at an Engaged Encounter Weekend?
Does the Weekend respect the Couple's Privacy?
How does Engaged Encounter help a couple prepare for a marriage?
Do you have to be Catholic?
Why does our priest make us go?
Weekend Information
What do we do if we need a replacement certificate?
1. What is Engaged Encounter?

Engaged Encounter is an international marriage preparation course approved by the Catholic Church worldwide.
It is a compulsory stay-in weekend - a time for you to be together - to talk honestly about your future lives.
2. How much does the weekend cost?

At the end of the weekend, each couple is given a blank envelope to top up the difference towards the total weekend cost of S$280 (from 1 July 2019 the weekend cost will be S$280) which includes your S$150 registration fee, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, tea breaks and all materials in a comfortable air-conditioned bedroom amid peaceful and pleasant surroundings. You are to make a S$150 - non-refundable registration deposit when you send in your application. Your place on the weekend will only be confirmed upon receipt of an acknowledgment letter from the registration couple. We regret that changes will not be entertained upon our confirmation. Excess funds if any are used to subsidise needy couples who are unable to raise the registration fee. No couple will be turned away for lack of funds.
3. Who is Engaged Encounter for?

Engaged Encounter is for any couple who is discerning or planning to be married in the Catholic Church. At least one partner must be Singaporean, Catholic or attending RCIA, Foreigner working in Singapore, before they can apply. You may experience the weekend at any time during your courtship, but not after your wedding day. However, you should try to experience the Engaged Encounter weekend as early as possible, perhaps even before you formally announce your engagement.
4. What happens at an Engaged Encounter Weekend?

A team of two married couples and a priest will give a series of talks about marriage and family life experiences, highlighting the essentials for enjoying a life-long marriage. After you have heard from the team, you will have time to think about the subject and then you will discuss your thoughts with your partner. There are no formal lectures - rather, it is an experience - where you, as a couple, are involved in a period of self-discovery and mutual affirmation.
5. Does the Weekend respect the Couple's Privacy?

Yes. It is not a counseling course, neither are there formal lectures, nor is it based on group discussions. The weekend is designed for private discussions between a couple. You concentrate on your partner so much that you hardly notice the other couples present. The presentations are given to the group as a whole, but your couple discussions are private.
6. How does Engaged Encounter help a couple prepare for a marriage?

The weekend provides the atmosphere and the opportunity to seriously discuss your strengths and weaknesses, your goals, desires and ambitions. You will also learn about each other's attitudes towards money, sex, children and family, as well as your roles in the Church and in society.
7. Do you have to be Catholic?

Any couple planning to be married in the Catholic Church may attend. The weekend is a Catholic experience and is Catholic in its theology of Marriage as a Sacrament of the Church.
8. Why does our priest make us go?

Because he wishes what is best for you and your (future) marriage and is responsible for seeing to your preparation for marriage in the Church. Actually, Catholics view the seven sacraments as a way of directly encountering Jesus. Only two of the seven are sacraments of service, directed towards the salvation of others: Matrimony and Holy Orders. Most people understand that it takes years of preparation to become a priest. There is a lot of overlap in what the Catholic Church expects of a priest and a matrimonied couple. Most people do not think it takes any preparation to be married. The reality is, it takes a lot to be married, even more to become a sacrament. The forty four hours of the weekend helps to prepare you for that.
9. Weekend Information

The weekends are usually held on the second Friday of each month. The venue of the weekend is at M.E. House, 201B Ponggol Seventeenth Avenue, Singapore 829651. A map giving directions will be sent to you before the weekend. The weekend starts on Friday 8.00p.m. and ends about 6.00 p.m. on Sunday with a Mass for the participants of that weekend. Please take the necessary leave in order to ensure that you are able to stay in and attend the whole weekend uninterrupted. Accomodation is shared amongst those of the same gender. Kindly note that we are unable to cater meals for those with special dietary needs.
10. What do we do if we need a replacement certificate?

Please note that no replacement certificate will be issued. Only a letter to confirm attendance will be provided; and there is an administrative fee for this letter.
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