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 Penang weekends and information.
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 2019 Weekends:- Anyang diocese EE1:Jan 26-28; EE2:Apr 06-08; EE3:Aug 24-26 Shijiazhuang diocese EE4:Mar 16-18; EE5:Aug 27-29; EE6:Nov 16-18 Tianjing diocese EE1:Mar 16-18 Nanjing diocese EE3:Mar 23-25; EE4:Sep 07-09 Xianxian diocese 献县 EE9:Apr 06-08; EE10:Aug 24-26; EE11:Sep 07-09; EE12:Dec 07-09 Handan diocese 邯郸 EE10:Apr 06-08; EE11:Sep 07-09; EE12:Dec 26-28; EE13:Dec 28-30 Xi'an diocese EE1:Apr 13-15; EE2:Sep 07-09; EE3:Dec 07-09 Enquiries, :-Please contact Peter & Teresa TEO 张文龙+曾爱珠 email: for weekend details.
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 Application and Information
 CEE East Asia - Philippines
 2019 Weekends:- Parañaque City: Mar 3-4 (San Antonio De Padua Vicariate); Apr 14-15 (Holy Family Vicariate); Jun 2-3 (San Antonio De Padua Vicariate); Aug 11-12 (Holy Family Vicariate); Sep 15-16 (San Antonio De Padua Vicariate); Oct 13-14 (St Joseph Vicariate); Nov 3-4 (San Antonio De Padua Vicariate); Dec 1-2 (St Joseph Vicariate) Enquiries, please email CEE Philippines
 Marriage Preparation Course (MPC)
  The website for Marriage Preparation Course.
 Natural Family Planning (NFP)
 In natural family planning, a couple uses the knowledge of their fertility to make decisions whether to achieve or to space out pregnancy during their marital life. The Billings Ovulation Method or BOM is a natural method of family planning discovered and developed by Drs John and Evelyn Billings more than 50 years ago.
 Couple Empowerment Program (CEP)
 For young married couples (1-5 years) including those up to their 10th year of marriage. Create an awareness of the common issues that newly married couples face and provide an opportunity (and forum) for couples to address these issues and build emotionally intelligent marriages/families. Essential for couples serious about enhancing their marriage; recommended for those with good marriages and helpful for those who are going through difficulties.
 Singapore Archdiocese
 Website for Singapore Archdiocese
 Archdiocesan Commission for the Family
 To help realise the Church's vision for marriage and the family. Seeing families becoming intimate communities of life and love sharing in the life and mission of the Church
 Marriage Encounter Program (ME)
 For married couples who want more in their marriage - more fun, spontaneity, excitement, communication, understanding, romance, intimacy, passion, joy. Couples from 2 years up to 50 years married have experienced and benefited from it. Many come just prior to celebrating their anniversaries. It provides an environment - to explore important areas in their marriage in a spirit of love and understanding - to gain new insights and confidence to build strong couple relationship and thus strengthen the family.
 The program offers tools needed to rediscover a loving marriage relationship. Many couples headed for cold, unloving relationships or divorce have successfully overcome their marriage problems by attending the program. It is for couples with marital problems including those who are considering marriage separation and those who are already separated or divorced that want marriage help.
 Beginning Experience (BE)
 You are single again - be it through divorce, separation, or the death of your spouse. You need to start a new life of your own ... and at times you feel lost and alone. You feel isolated and do not know who you could possibly turn to. We understand how you feel....
 Catholic News OnLine
 The Official Newspaper of the Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore
 Choice Singapore
 A self enrichment experience. A weekend getaway from the busy lifestyle. It's about making choices, looking into every aspect of our relationship with the significant people in our lives.
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 Sydney weekends and information
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 Wellington weekends and information

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