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CEE 39th Anniversary Party

The CEE community came together on the evening of 11 September 2021, to celebrate our 39th anniversary. The theme for this year was: Called to serve... As a family. Living up to the theme, couples joined the event via different host venues across Singapore. Each host venue welcomed up to 5 visitors where they dined and joined in the activities with the other host venues via Zoom. Some host families even came with a dress theme - Batik! The community relived the 2 years and how CEE had transformed itself to be able to continue with its call to serve and help each couple cope with the changes. Testimonies from the board members and couples helped bring out the theme and reinstill the sense of belonging to CEE and our call to serve. 

The rest of the evening had everyone in each host venue running about and working together to complete each challenge, as expected, lots of laughs and learning something new about each other.

As the evening ended, everyone came into prayer... praying for families, the community and lifting up our petitions. Looking forward to CEE's 40th Anniversary in 2022 and the day we can gather as one big community again.

God Bless.