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frequently asked questions

1. What is Catholic Engaged Encounter?

Engaged Encounter is an international marriage preparation course approved by the Catholic Church worldwide. It is recognised in Singapore as part of the Catholic Family Life (CFL) programmes.

2. Who is Catholic Engaged Encounter for?

Catholic Engaged Encounter is for any couple who is discerning or planning to be married in the Catholic Church (at least one partner must be a  Catholic/attending RCIA).

You may experience the weekend at any time during your courtship, but not after your church wedding day. However, you should try to experience the Catholic Engaged Encounter weekend as early as possible, perhaps even before you formally announce your engagement.

3. What happens at a Catholic Engaged Encounter Weekend?

A presenting team of two married couples and a priest will give a series of talks about marriage and family life experiences, highlighting the essential for enjoying a life-long marriage. After you have heard from the team, you will have time to think about the subject and then you will discuss your thoughts with your partner. There are no formal lectures - rather, it is an experience - where you, as a couple, are involved in a period of self-discovery and mutual affirmation.

4. Does the weekend respect the couple's privacy?

Yes. It is not a counselling course, neither are there formal lectures, nor is it based on group discussions. The weekend is designed for private discussion between a couple. You concentrate on your partner so much that you hardly notice the other couples present. The presentations are given to the group as a whole, but your couple discussions are private.

5. How does Catholic Engaged Encounter help a couple prepare for a marriage?

The weekend provides the atmosphere and the opportunity to seriously discuss your strengths and weaknesses, your goals, desires, and ambitions. You will also learn about each other's attitudes towards money, sex, children, and family, as well as your roles in the church and in society.

6. Do you have to be a Catholic?

Any couple planning to be married in the Catholic Church may attend. At least one of the participating partner must be a Baptised Catholic. The weekend is a Catholic experience and is Catholic in its theology of Marriage as a Sacrament of the Church.