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frequently asked questions

7. Why does our priest encourage us to attend a CEE weekend?

Because he wishes what is best for you and your (future) marriage and is responsible for seeing to your preparation for marriage in the church. Actually, Catholics view the seven sacraments as a way of directing encountering Jesus. Only two of the seven are sacraments of service, directed towards salvation of others: Matrimony and Holy orders.

Most people understand that it takes years of preparation to become a priest. There is a lot of overlap in what the Catholic Church expects of a priest and matrimonial couple. Most people do not think it takes any preparation to be married. The reality is, it takes a lot to be married, even more to become a sacrament. The weekend helps to prepare you for that.

8. Weekend information

In-person weekend

Weekend Cost

The participation rate of the 2-day weekend in 2024, is non refundable $300 per couple. Your place on the weekend will only be confirmed upon receipt of your payment with the completed registration information via the registration page on the CEE website. You will receive a confirmation email with your registration details once you have submitted the registration application and fees.



The CEE Weekend will be held at St Francis Xavier Retreat Centre (Punggol), 199 Seventeenth Avenue 829645




Program Timing: In-person


  • Registration : 8:15am
  • Commencement of Programme: 9:00am
  • Estimated End: 7.30pm


  • Registration: 8:15am
  • Commencement of Programme: 9:00am
  • Estimated End: 7.30pm



As the weekend is conducted in-person, CEE reserves the right to decline anyone from the program if they are unwell during a weekend 

Mask wearing during a CEE weekend is optional. Nevertheless, everyone is encouraged to continue exercising responsibility and caution, such as wearing masks in crowded places, mask-up if feeling unwell or when interacting with vulnerable persons. 

9. What do we do if we need a replacement certificate?

Please note that no replacement certificate will be issued. Only a letter to confirm attendance will be provided; and there is a $20 administrative fee for this letter.

10. What other marriage programs can we attend besides CEE weekend?

There are other marriage programs such as Marriage Preparation Course which you can attend. Please visit their website:

11. Our wedding date is very soon (next month), but we do not have any place in a pre-marriage preparation programme, what should we do?

Please reach out to the priest who is marrying you to seek his advice.

12. Does this mean we have to cancel our wedding if we are unable to attend the CEE weekend?

No. Not being able to attend a CEE weekend does not impact your planned wedding in church. Please reach out to the priest who is marrying you for his advice on other options.